The Trinity Continuum is a new edition of the Trinity Universe series created and formerly owned by White Wolf.

The Trinity Continuum is, as the name implies, a vast continuum of multiple dimensions and timelines. The common refrain of RPGs, that you can do whatever you want in your game, is explicit in the Continuum: your home game is just as canonical as the official releases, since all events take place on different branches of the timeline.

The Continuum is an action-adventure setting, emulating a sort of "action movie" reality. Players portray Talents, characters with an extraordinary degree of skill or luck, and belonging to one of several different Allegiances, depending on the style of game.

The Trinity Continuum as a whole is being overseen by content lead Ian A. A. Watson, with Danielle Lauzon as Storypath guru, John Snead as lead developer for Trinity Continuum: Æon, Steve Kenson as lead designer on Trinity Continuum: Aberrant, and Danielle Lauzon as lead developer for Trinity Continuum: Adventure!.

Known planned time periods (and their chronological placements) include:

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